Guest Blogger Shawn Powers Thanks the Supreme Court

28 Jun

Today the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act. After months of stress and concern over their decision, I can finally say “thank you” to the Supreme Court of the United States for making a decision that will protect the America’s sick from financial dispair. 

In 2010, the United States passed this health reform in an attempt end its status as the only developed nation with large numbers of uninsured people. In doing so, this bill expanded both the private market and Medicaid. The most controversial portion of the bill was the “individual mandate.” Twenty-six states brought a case against the federal government in an attempt to have this portion of the bill overturned.

I have worried about the fate of this bill. My daughter, Samantha was diagnosed with lupus when she was 9 years old. I worry about her health every day. I stress that I cannot give her everything she needs to manage her disease. In 2010, I was finally able to let one of my big concerns go. When the Affordable Care Act passed, it was decided that insurance companies would not be able to deny coverage based on a pre existing condition. As of now, Sam will be protected until she is 19. However, in 2014 the law holds that she will never be able to be discriminated against by insurance companies on the basis of her illness.  

Many speculated that if the individual mandate were to be overturned, much of the rest of the bill would be ineffective. Furthermore, many in Congress vowed to overturn the remainder of the law.

 I avoid politics for the most part. My support of this law is not based on partisanship. My support is based on my daughter’s survival. I give everything I have to give to ensure her health and safety. Today, the Supreme Court of the United States stood with us. The law has been upheld. In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court found that the individual mandate was constitutional.

What this decision means for America, is still being flushed out. There is still the possibility that it may be repealed in Congress. But today, I celebrate, because justice has prevailed, and no one will ever be able to tell my daughter that she cannot have insurance because she has lupus.



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