Band Together for Lupus Awareness 2012

1 May

May is Lupus Awareness Month. The LFA is urging everyone to Band Together for Lupus Awareness. See how the LFA is honoring this month here. Below Nicole tells us how she is going to get the word out this May:

Wow! 59 percent is such a high and unfortunate statistic. Not a lot of people know about Lupus or the devastating impact it has not only on the patient but also family, friends and significant others.

This May, Lupus Awareness Month, is a significant month for those affected by Lupus.  This is your chance to do your part, step up and help raise awareness. Bringing awareness and attention to this disease can help overcome so many obstacles – research, early diagnosis, raising funds and educating the public.

Doing the little things like wearing purple on May 18th, sharing a post on your social media page or wearing the purple wristbands, goes a long way. Contributing your efforts in any way is a step forward in helping those affected by Lupus.

This May, wear your purple and share the knowledge so that one day there won’t be a statistic to worry about.


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